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Sometimes Things Stand Out

                Typically during the summer months things slowdown in the wine business, people are traveling and it is rather warm outside, which means few big reds being opened and more rose and crisp whites.  This slowing does not mean that our work changes here at OWS&B.  We steady on as usual.  Before the store and bistro open there is a fury of activity.  Fausto is busy cleaning up from the night before.  Bryan and I proof and prepare emails before sending them out to all of you.  As the week progresses we start talking about the weekend and what changes we will be making.  Changes to the features, the normal menu, to the wine list, wine flights, and what we will be pouring for the Saturday tasting.  While we are doing all of this we are also entertaining.  Not a dog and pony show, so please don’t try and catch the act because there isn’t one.  No we are entertaining our vendors, who make time and appointments (sometimes they just show up too) to meet with us and show us their wares. 

                We are not new to this having had a collective 50 plus years in the industry.  It is old hat.  Still there are new wineries out there, new vintages, and countless changes to labels, bottlings, and so on.  It is hard work tasting all these wines (it really is, no joke) but as many of you say, “Someone has to do it.”  So we reluctantly raise our hands and reach for a freshly cleaned glass and get to work.  Every once in a while we are shocked by a wine or a group of wines.  Just yesterday Bryan was blown away by some new to us wines.  They were a revelation, bright and vibrant; wines with a real liveliness to them.  They had it all: funky labels, well-crafted names, great provenance, and quality juice.  And the flavors… the flavors, well they were brilliant.  So we tore up everything we had planned for the weekend and started from scratch, so we could bring these wines to you.  I suppose this is the time that I should share the name of the winery and the wines with you.  I contemplated not doing this and just leaving you all hanging, as a silly attempt to get you to come say hello to us during the dog days of July, but no, Bryan thought it too mean so I will refrain from my fickle attempt to draw you in here with trickery and instead share a little bit about the wines with you before they arrive.  The wines in question are from “The Wine Gurus” at Casa Rojo, in Spain.  They are sourced from various parts of the Iberian peninsula including Jumilla, Valdeorras, and Rías Baixas.  We will be showcasing three of Casa Rojo’s wines each from one of the above locations.  Each is hand harvested from organic and biodynamic vineyards. 

First up is La Marimorena Albariño – flavors of green apple, un-ripened mango, peaches, and pineapple dominate the palate with aromas of white flowers.  Laser sharp acidity brings this wine full circle and keeps you coming back for more.

Second, we have The Orange Republic Godello – sourced from high altitude 30 year old vines this wine is almost too good to put into words.  One of my favorite varietals, Godello can bring so much to your glass that you stop looking for other wines.  Orange blossoms, apricot, mango, and melon all mingle together in a most harmonious manner.  The nose is perfumed and makes you think you are walking through an orange grove in a warm summer afternoon.  Bliss.

Finally we have the big boy, the Machoman Monastrell – from vines aging 20-45 years old in Jumilla, plum raspberry, and herbal notes – think garden of rosemary and thyme just after rain, and a touch of excellent balsamic vinegar.  All in all Machoman is a masterful wine with an expressive longevity in both the finish and in agability, one that we profoundly like.


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