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OWS&B’s Passport to the World and Your Glass

Wine has been cultivated for millennia, from the mountains of Georgia (the country not the state, although there is wine being cultivated there too), to the valleys of France, and the coasts of Portugal. Wine has been in the glasses and on the tables of civilizations and families throughout history. It was the birds who frist spread the seeds, much in the same manner as to how they spread coconuts to Mercia. But soon man took note and began to spread wine. The Phoenicians brought along clippings as they traversed their trade routes across the Mediterranean Sea.  Greeks and Romans continued to deal in wine as their built up empires and thus introduced to their citizens, new and old, the sweet nectar of the gods (and man). The Europeans were not to be outdone in the centuries to come and they took up the torch of the vine with great gusto, and apart from a few hiccups along the way *cough prohibition couch* there has been an ever expanding boundary for viticulture. However, until the 1970’s very few knew of cared about the world of wine outside of the pedigreed vineyards of Europe or their own geographic proximities; i.e. drinking the juice which was grown close to their own house.

But all that has ended. We live in an increasingly global society. Our news, our clothing, and our wine are now international. As such wine has a well-worn and well stamped passport. I count myself as a man of the world as the wine in my glass is not limited to those being produced in France or here in the States. The question you need to ask yourself is, “do you?” When was the last time that you challenged yourself geographically with wine? Have you sampled Sicilian reds from Mount Etna? Lebanese wines from Ch. Musar (some of the finest in the world). What about South African Wines, Indian, Tannat from Uruguay? It is time you have. So come in to the shop. Let us guide you on the trip as you journey around the world in the OWS&B Passport Club.



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