• Myles Cameron

My Confession

My name is Myles. I am the new face here at Oakton Wine Shop and Bistro, and I have a confession to make. Despite my name sake and my love of wine, I F@#$ING LOVE MERLOT. There I said it. It is the first varietal that I fell in love with so many years ago at my fathers dinner table. I can already hear your outspoken cries, "But Myles, I thought Sideways said that Merlot were flabby, unbalanced, and undrinkable swill." Not so. Forget what you have learned or remember from that other, lesser, Miles in Sideways because he was so very wrong...

We at the Oakton Wine Shop are embracing a philosophy of More Merlot, much, much more. 

Clearly Merlot is back on top, just look at the recent wine of the year (2017) according to Wine Spectator, Duckhorn's 2014 Three Palms Merlot. A wine with for structure and finesse, big fruit and subtlety. But California does not have a strangle hold on Merlot, far from it in fact. Thus when I am looking for some inky dark and brooding juice I tend to raise my eyes towards Washington State. To the heights of Red Mountain, the lands of Walla Walla, and the rich depths of Columbia Valley. 

2014 Abeja: Full bodied and cheeky, this rich wine showcases dried flowers on the nose with layers of dark plum, cherry, mocha, and baking spices. Age-able +3 years

2012 North Star: Booming black raspberry fill the mouth while crushed wet rock/slate balance out the sweet oak and coco flavors. Ripe tannins leave you wanting more. Drink now or in 5 years.

2013 Seven Hills: This Walla Walla wine is abundant in earthy tobacco notes which mingle with layers of dark fruit and spices. Ready to drink now.

2013 Seven Falls: A bright and vibrant wine with berry and cherry notes. Fresh herbal aromas on the nose round out with a juiciness on the playful finish. Uncork and enjoy!


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