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l Scouts and the Thing with Two S’s

 How one ends a great meal is not often up to debate. In fact, for most of us it involves that ultimate course with “Two S’s” as my sons call it, dessert, otherwise known as the Sweet Stuff (hence the course with “Two S’s”). What better way to do this than buy also supporting the growth and entrepreneurial spirit of our youth.  I am, of course, talking about the inclusion of America’s favorite cookies, sold door to do by the Girl Scouts of America. So often I find myself falling prey to these girls as they roam the neighborhoods selling their tasty little cookies and I can never seem to say no, especially when they come smiling and missing a tooth. In case you missed new local news this past Monday morning (March 12, 2018) Bryan and Chef Jim were hosted by Fox 5 studio and Holly Morris where they discussed and showed how the inclusion of such tasty treats as Thin Mints, Samoas, and Savannah Smiles could elevate desserts to new heights and greater tastes. Never have I wanted S’more dessert so bad.

Our Creations:

Samoa Milkshakes

Thin Mint Brownies with white chocolate beer sauce

Lemon Delight with Savanah Smiles

S’mores Black Bottom Cupcakes

Paring wines (both dessert and non) with cookies can be fairly tricky so come on in, have a chat with us and buy some wine to pair with the Girl Scout inspired desserts.


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