• Myles Cameron

Honored and Humbled

Last week we got a call and shortly thereafter an email from ServiceSource, they have decided to honor Bryan and OWS&B with the 2018 Community Partner of the Year Award.  To say that we were (and are) touched is an understatement.  We are well and truly honored and beyond humbled.  ServiceSource, if you do not know, are a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate relationships within communities, relationships between employers and individuals working with disabilities; a worthy cause and one which is worth pursuing.

How did Bryan and OWS&B get chosen for this award?  Well to get to the bottom of that query we have to turn back the clock to May 2017.  OWS was still just a wine shop and Bryan was working hard to get the change over from wine shop to wine shop/bistro finalized when there was a rap at the door.  There stood Theresa Piccolo and our friend/neighbor Albert Wu.  They wanted to talk about how OWS&B and ServiceSource could work together.  During the meeting the idea of potentially hiring one of the people in the ServiceSource training program came up.  After finding out the potential job openings/requirements Theresa came up with a potential candidate – Fausto Figuera, a high functioning individual with autism who was looking to get his first job.  The following week Bryan interviewed Fausto and along with assistance of his job coach Elizabeth they explained the job and the process to him.  After discussing the potential opportunity with Chef Jim the decision was made to hire Fausto and make him a part of the team here at OWS&B.

Fausto has been with OWS&B for 16 months now and how time flies!  Fausto has an ever-present and integral part of the team here ever since.  In addition to working with Fausto, Bryan has helped raise money for ServiceSource so that they can better realize their mission and find opportunities and placement for other individuals living with disabilities who are looking for work. 

There are many reasons why I enjoy working here at OWS&B.  I get to work with wine, I get to work with food, and I get to work in an atmosphere in which I thrive.  But what makes me love my job are things like this.  Bryan giving a chance to Fausto for his first job and OWS&B’s commitment to giving back to the community when a need is spotted and can be addressed.  Fausto is doing more than just working here at OWS&B.  Every day he is having meaningful conversations with us, asking about the goings on in our lives, how our families are doing, and what if any, our weekend plans may be.  He keeps us up to date on Pop culture and current films and he is always engaging our patrons and vendors.  Asking them how they are doing and wishing them well as they depart the shop.  He is a part of the fabric here at OWS&B.  This past June when we celebrated being open seven years we also celebrated Fausto’s one year anniversary with us.


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