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Century Club or How to Follow the ABC Rule at OWSB

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, "the world is big. Really big, You just wont believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. and so on." Yes Earth has a real "Wow" factor when it comes to size and diversity. In this astoundingly massive world in which we live there exists over 10,000 different kinds of grape varietals, just count them, I know you wont.  So why not live a little, or a lot. Join us in the Century Club by learning and following a rule which I (loosely) have enforced in my home for the past seven years. The ABC Rule. 




How often do you find yourself reaching for that bottle of Cabernet on the shelf or asking for a glass of you favorite Chardonnay when out on the town. I know that they are familiar and comforting but we are what we imbibe and you are so much more than your habitual consumption of the two most common grapes. Break up the monotony of you daily drink by expanding the horizons of your palate and your wine rack. Come on in an speak with us so that we can assist you in this worthwhile endeavor to learn about these rich and vibrant wines from the lesser known and often overlooked or forgotten grapes. Drink Durif, Pop Picpoul, Revel in Roero Arneis, and Open an Ondeac. You don't have to fully break up with your favorite tipples but there is just so much out there so why not try something new. 

The Century Club is all about tasting as many different varietals as possible from around the world.  There are bonuses along the way, for example a complimentary dessert for the most esoteric wine varietal or a complimentary pasta dish after checking off 25 Italian varietals. At the 50 varietal mark, we give you a “Half-Way There” T-shirt; at 100 you receive a “Century Club” T-shirt! Once you hit 100 varietals, your name will be on a brass plate on our Wall of Fame! 

"There is most joy in virtue when 'tis hardest won."~ Lucan




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